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Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officers and General Managers who are not achieving the growth expectations within their businesses, will want to investigate an engagement with EQ Growth Solutions. Using our proven Strategic Management Process (FACTStrat™) will help you build and execute fact-based strategic initiatives to get your business growing at the trajectory you expect.

Your Investors, Board and employees will be ecstatic with the results you deliver.

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At EQ Growth Solutions we understand that every business is unique. We also understand that you and your team are the experts in your market and company. Your leadership will deploy a Strategic Management Process (FACTStrat™) that engages your team in creating a fact-based holistic view of markets, competitors, customers and your own internal cultural dynamics. From these facts you will uncover and consider alternative strategies that can surprise you and light up your business.

About Us


By engaging EQ Growth Solutions, you will first, clearly define and document your current business model captured in the FACTStrat™ Business Model Template. Work will be done to simultaneously capture market, customer, competitive and internal insights. This begins to frame the current situation your business faces and provides insights into current results. Outcomes from this process will likely result in a course correction.

We will then follow the FACTStrat™ process combining other important insights, like past and current financial performance, with current insights to create strategic alternative models. Ultimately, you will make choices resulting in the creation of a new management agenda for you and your team.

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There are times in the business cycle when outside resources can engage with the leadership team to explore, in a different fashion than in the past, where the best growth opportunities may be found. In today’s world, the sense of urgency is higher than ever before due to the impact that COVID-19 had on businesses and their valuations.

EQ Growth Solutions will give you the tools to quickly assess current and future strategies in the context of the ever changing facts in the market, customers, competition, and your own internal dynamics. Have there been internal changes in leadership and staffing levels? Are there changing needs of your customers and internal cultural dynamics that must be taken into consideration?

EQ Growth Solutions will work with the leadership team, leading a work process to break through legacy thinking. We will help validate what you believe to be the right strategy for your business, while also enabling your leadership to consider alternative strategies and the value creation these strategies offer.


EQ Growth Solutions stands ready to deploy resources to your physical location or lead this process remotely. In either case, all documentation will be communicated electronically for in office or remote employees.

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