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About Us

EQ Growth Solutions is focused on engaging leadership in the development of a tailored strategic management process for their business which will lead them to a high performing culture and outstanding results.

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How did it happen?

Mike Orscheln

My business passion is aligning culture, leadership and a strategic process around growth initiatives that will deliver value to your customers, more deeply engage employees and deliver enterprise value creation. To say it another way, I love to help teams WIN. When a business that I am associated with begins to turn the corner on growth and profitability, I try to fade into the shadows so that the folks who have done all the heavy lifting get the credit.

Frankly, I have been lucky to have had the assignments over the years that challenged my creativity and leadership skills to come up with ways for a business to become high performing. Change has been core to the successes I’ve had. It was also always important to have great talent surrounding me on each journey. Tying the values that exist within an organization to its purpose and business model provide a view of why a business is or is not performing to its potential.

I do not have the answers. Your team has the answers, yet they sometimes, just don’t know it. Collaboration across your leadership team surfaces potential answers to move down a path to high performance.


Why trust me?

Great question. Throughout my 40-year career in medical device distribution and manufacturing, I have experienced businesses where the culture had soured, where a lack of technology, portfolio gaps or lack of management processes were holding back performance. In others, the leadership had become disconnected from the customer and the internal team. These are pathways to underperformance. Using our Strategic Management Process (FACTStrat™) to gain critical insights, make participation and competitive strategy choices and having a clear set of near and long-term objectives is critical. Using these tools will deliver alignment across the company and enable disciplined execution and high levels of accountability.

As an Operator, my teams and I have delivered high performance cultures and pretty remarkable results over the years by executing the FACTStrat™ process. Engaging with you and your team, I can help you avoid missteps on critical choices you face, thus helping you set the stage for high performance.


Mike Orscheln


What Our Clients Say About Us!

I am proud to have been able to support my colleagues and clients in helping them achieve their goals, enhance their leadership capabilities and move their company’s culture in the direction that accelerates growth.

I met Mike at a company teambuilding event. We exchanged business cards and I noticed his title simply said “Teammate”. Not Vice President with significant operating & budget responsibility but rather “Teammate”. Now, over 30 years later, I’m proud to call Mike a dear friend, a great teammate and more importantly an outstanding leader.
I had the privilege of working directly with Mike for 8 years while employed by Baxter Healthcare and ultimately Cardinal Health. Mike’s leadership style is positive, contagious, and empowering. He listens intentionally, stays objective and coaches others to consider all viewpoints. Most importantly, Mike builds trust. Trust with and for his teammates, suppliers and customers. Trust that unlocks great ideas and enables others to do their best work. Working with Mike enabled me to develop and refine my leadership skills. I learned from Mike that teams built on trust, empathy and accountability can and will outperform others.

Pete Coburn

I’ve known Mike personally and professionally for almost two decades. Over the years Mike has been my trusted business partner, coach and advisor. He has tremendous business acumen, amazing professional experience with a proven track record, and an extremely impactful leadership style. Just recently, as I was considering my next career move, once again I’ve turned to Mike for consultation and advice. Mike’s skills to quickly understand the challenge, analyze and communicate possible solutions and lead toward a clear plan are exceptional. What impresses me the most is Mike’s ability to listen, truly hear and understand the problem, assess the needs and then lead toward solutions by asking very impactful questions. It gives me an immense pleasure to recommend Mike for any business consulting or adviser engagement.

Mujo Bogaljevic

Mike was always extremely successful, delivering over expectations. During his tenure, our company achieved market leadership in the US while Mike adapted our structure and the targets over time to digest and consolidate the growth. Mike is a practical, common sense leader, able to create a team and lead them towards a goal.

Mike is an inspirational leader who knows how to connect incredibly well customers and employees alike! He is a leader who gives energy to others!

I met Mike as he joined the company to lead the division I was developing, building and excited to execute. As you can imagine my trepidation with “a new divisional President” and the unknown obstacles this would create. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Mike, I was caught off guard with his friendly inquisitive demeanor. Over the next few weeks, it was clear to me that Mike’s leadership approach was unique, creating empowerment, consultation, mentoring and focused on positive outcomes for the entire team.
We worked very closing on building a business and there were times that we did not agree on the best course of action. It was during the times of professional conflict that he was able to provide tremendous insight and mentoring. Working with Mike, you never feel “managed” but quite the opposite. It was during the trials of the business where I experienced what makes Mike tick!
Mike’s leadership is positive, high energy, patient, and drives accountability which becomes contagious.
He listens with focus to impact, considering each thought, creating the trust he needs to effectively lead by example. Simply put, “Mike makes those around him better”!

Randy Stader

For 10+ years, I have had the honor and privilege to work for and with Mike at Cardinal Health, Phonak, and Performance Health. He pushed me to be comfortable at being uncomfortable, appropriately challenged me to think transformational, and as a strategic leader. Mike has a unique talent for building strong diverse leadership teams. Over the years, during good and challenging times (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures) as one team, we successfully pulled together for our customers, employees, and each other, delivering on our commitments and driving results.

Tara O'Dell